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How third party delivery/courier system can work closely with an online shop

One of the biggest challenges for eCommerce is to deliver the products to customers. On this day shoppers prefer the right product at right time. In fact, it is not possible for each eCommerce to have its own delivery/courier service to deliver products. Therefore 3rd party delivery/courier service can become a bridge between customers and the eCommerce platforms.

This will smooth the delivery process and reduce pressure on the seller or marketplace.

How third party delivery or courier work?

Generally third-party delivery or courier service charges a certain amount of fee to deliver the product. In some cases, eCommerce & delivery systems come across agreement maintain it’s delivery quality at a reasonable rate. A quality delivery system does have a wide range of networks in almost all areas to proceed faster delivery journey. 

Benefit of choosing third party delivery or courier

Focus on core business: While a delivery company is delivering your product you can focus on your business to generate more sales.

Increase customer: Each separate platform has its own customer base which increases the visibility of your online store to the potential customer.

Experienced & dedicated to delivery: Since delivery systems are resourceful for delivering products they are experts in this field than your online store. Therefore combine with their system will scale up your business.

Eliminating investment in the delivery system: Once you are under an agreement with a delivery system you don’t have to invest in your dedicated delivery system except for fee on the basis of the product.

Besides, third-party delivery or courier may charge higher commission fees. You can’t control them directly. In fact, while the delivery systems cause a bad delivery experience, they will impact your business.

Due to a third-party delivery system, you can lose your communication with your customer. Overall if you select the right company then it will boost your business.

How to select right delivery system?

Compare  shipment rate of delivery or courier company:  

Considering your business requirement with shipment rate, policy, pros, & cons when choosing a delivery system. But is recommended to choose a reliable company to get uninterrupted service.

Delivery Process & all cost check:

Before final selection whole delivery process should be kept in mind. Such as covered area, average delivery time.  Meanwhile, any hidden charge should be under consideration. Extra charges reduce your profit margin.

Also, read the terms and conditions of the company to be clear before the agreement.

Extra benefit they offer:

Look for extra benefits while you are paying an amount to a delivery or courier service. For instance, catalog sync from various sales channels. After comparing various company then proceed to select the beneficial one.

Know about the reputation of the company:

Each of the reputed delivery systems has customer feedback on different forums & discussions. Therefore you can easily determine that which one is good to go in terms of your online store.

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