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How shipping company fulfills the demand of eCommerce delivery demand

Shipping is one of the major part of order fulfilment process to give your customer a great experience. Generally third party shipping company manages this vital segment. The main purpose of an eCommerce is to delivery quality goods at the right & on time at a reasonable price.

How does shipping work?

The shipping process can be divided into four-part.

1. Order Processing

Order processing is a process after placing an order by the customer. Against each order, there are order numbers & tracking IDs for delivering the product. In this segment, different teams work for a particular part to complete order processing.

The task of the production and logistics team is to update the inventory, closes the purchase order, and turn the task to the packaging and delivery segment.

2. Order Packing

The second step is packaging the product in such a way that the product doesn’t get damaged during the delivery process and the packaging increase brand value. Packaging items should be durable enough so that they can protect the items from being damaged.

Few of the packaging items includes packet, boxes, envelops, etc. It varies according to the product that which packaging item will be used to pack items.

Also, the brand logo should be visible on the packaging and it should be user-friendly. It’s a way to reach out to potential customers too.

3. Logistics and delivery

The logistics and delivery process is a bit crucial step. To deliver the product on time to the customer eCommerce company need to find out a reliable logistics partner. They do the task on behalf of eCommerce. Meanwhile, different cases are also seen.

Just as in particular amazon does have its own logistics to deliver goods.

4. Product Returns

At the last stage, product returns which also considered under shipping. The product return occurs for various reasons. Such as faulty products, wrong products, etc. The product is returned according to terms and conditions. 

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