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Ideal feature list for an online shop

Running a successful ecommerce store are  the combination of user friendly features, attractive user interface,  effective marketing, quality assurance, & on time delivery. Among all of the segment, features are the most important aspect to run an online store. Feature of the store from business to business. But there are a few ideal feature to run an ecommerce business or an online store. 

Here we have listed 8 ideal feature for an online shop:

1. Admin Panel

Using admin panel you can manage every aspect of an online shop. Such as manage order, delivery, insights payments and fulfilment, track inventory, mange product etc.

2. Product Management

Product are the primary reason for customer to visit your store and purchase product. Therefore representing a product  is vital which are related to product management. While managing seller product it contains product variation, product image, & inventory management.

3. Order Management

In the order management stage most crucial part of an order fulfilment start. Feature include centralized order management that support multiple payment gateways, sales report, order info and so on. 

4. Customer Management

Customer management is to manage customer profile, accounts, customer order record,  review, comment etc. It help to find customer to through search using first name or last name.

5. Multiple Payment Method

Payment method is another vital part of order fulfilment. Therefore multiple payment option help user to choose the suitable one. For instance some user prefer Cash On Delivery(COD) rather than online payment. In fact they don’t order any product if there is no COD option.

6. Discount & Offer Management

Customers love to get offer & discount on their favourite products. While managing offers and discount it involves various actions such as create and manage discount codes in any specific categories, discount in percentage or fixed amount.

7. Delivery Management

Delivery management is the last stage of  delivering goods to complete order process. At this stage product are delivered after passing a few stage. At the last stage delivery team collect product to delivered items. 

8. Chat Integration

Chat integration allow to interact with customer and gain availability. Instant customer service increase user trust. At a time you will be able to chat  with several customers. Therefore it will be an opportunity to resolve customer query.

To Conclude

The best type of Ecommerce website are not limited to those features mentioned above. Initially you can start with those, then add extra feature as per your requirement considering budget. Quykshop offers multiple features to build best quality ecommerce solution.

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